September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!! and Hello!

Yes, I am 31 years old today!  My plans are to watch a House marathon, soak up some rays and relax!

There will be a few prevailing themes in this blog - baseball (especially the Atlanta Braves), my dog who is aptly named Shadow, books, and from time to time personal things.

Shadow came into my life at a time that I was losing my previous dog to cancer. He has brought me a great sense of joy and endless entertainment. He is rarely more than 5 feet from me and is a great watch dog.

I have read many books, some out of assignment, others out of leisure. I am thinking of getting a Kindle to make reading easier for me, so anyone who has one I'd love to hear your comments about it.

I have both paternal grandparents, my maternal grandmother, dad, mom, and stepdad. I also have 3 younger brothers and 2 nephews.

I am the world's greatest Braves fan! I went to a game on Aug 6th at Turner Field. Great game!

101 Reasons to Love the Braves
by Ron Green, Jr.
2008, 119 pgs.

This book covers the Braves as a franchise through their tenures in Boston, Milwaukee, and its current city, Atlanta. It has a lot of great photos of the greats representing each of the cities and eras.

Did you know?  Babe Ruth spent his final year in baseball, 1935, with the Braves. 

I first really became interested in baseball in the late 80s, early 90s. My maternal grandmother is who instilled the love of baseball as a whole and the Braves in particular. While saddened by the retirement of Bobby Cox at the end of the season, I am excited to see who ushers in the next era of a spectacular franchise and resilient team!

I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people out in BlogWorld!  I just know there are other people out there who love baseball, dogs, and books - oh, and the beach (or whatever water source you live near, although our sugar white sands ~prior to that nasty oil spill~ are the best)!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! I hope you have the perfect day!

  2. Happy birthday Nicole! Your mother sent me over, and your blog looks really nice.

    Hope the rest of your day will be great, and wishing you all the best with your blog.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    A bookish birdie (your mom) dropped by my blog and said you had started a new blog, and on your birthday no less! I thought I would drop in and say hello, good luck, and enjoy your day!


  4. Happy Birthday, Nicole! And congrats on starting your blog!

  5. Hi there! I just met your mom on a book blog hop, and she mentioned you had just started blogging. Welcome to blogging, and happy birthday!

  6. happy birthday!
    new blog, cool!
    your mom told me to come by and say HI :)
    cute pup!

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm a new follower. Your dog is so cute!

  8. Happy Birthday! I recently started a blog too! If you'd like to come see it, here is my link:

  9. Happy Birthday! We have always been Braves fans and though I've yet to go to Atlanta to see them we do watch most of the games.

  10. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to seeing more pictures of your cute dog and reading your reviews.

  11. Thank you to each of you for the birthday wishes and the welcoming me into the blogging world. I tried to post individual messages, but apparently I have not yet mastered that skill. Hopefully we shall cross paths again soon. =)

  12. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a day late, but spent all of yesterday writing a paper and did not get to do my blog hopping :) Feel free to visit me at

  13. Just stopped by to say "Happy Birthday" and welcome you to blogland! blogging is so much fun and we certainly like baseball, books and dogs but also cats! My husband is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan and I am a faithful Cleveland Indians Fan, although this year I didn't hold out much hope for them. Please visit us at our blogs. Your dog is welcome too!